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Based in Asuncion, Paraguay for the last 10 years, I am working independently for a variety of international companies & projects. I develop Internet programming on various platforms, in a multitude of scripting languages, and databases.

My capabilities include; designing, coding, conceptual development, and the implementation of various web components. My services include project management, support, full project ongoing maintenance and a lot more.

I welcome challenging projects, and programming problem solving.
Profile / CV

About Me

Lastname Würsch
Firstname Christoph
Address Urbanizacion Aranjuez, Asturianas No° 23, Asuncion (Paraguay)
Birthdate January 11th, 1978 in Scherzingen (Switzerland/TG)
Place of citizenship Birmenstorf (Switzerland/AG)
Marital status single


1994 - 1997 3 years commercial apprenticeship at Hirschmann Consulting (PLC) in Zurich.
3 years professional baccalaureate (Berufsmatura) in Uster.
3 years commercial vocational school (Conclusion with ability certification).
1991 - 1994 3 years secondary school in Bäretswil.
1985 - 1991 6 years primary school in Bäretswil.


Languages English diploma "First certificate".
2 weeks language course in Torquay (England, Cornwall).
1 year language study in Southamerica (Peru, Argentina, Chile).
IT Several Internet programming courses on-the-job.
JAVA advanced concepts.
JAVA Programming basics.
JAVA introductory course.
Workshop - Internet Server.
Workshop - Database-Technologies (Internet).
WindowsNT - Administrator course.

Language abilities

German mother tongue
English conversation and correspondence skills
Spanish conversation and correspondence skills
French school knowledge

IT Skills

Operating Systems Windows - 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT/98/95
MacOS 8 - X
Linux (variouse derivatives)
OpenVMS, AIX, TrueUnix64 (basics)
Development Eclipse, VisualStudio, InterDev, DBDesigner, Dia, Dreamweaver, GoLive
Programming PHP, Smarty, ColdFusion, Lasso, ASP, SQL, VBScript, Javascript, jQuery, CSS/DHTML, XHTML, HTML, WML, XML, XSL(T), UML, FDF, ActionScript, ActiveX-Controls, JAVA (basics), VBA (basics)
Database MySQL, FileMakerPro, Access, Oracle (basics)
Server Several software in following fields: Web, FTP, Mail, Firewall, DNS, VPN, CVS, Print + Filesharing (on Windows, Mac and Linux)
Office WindowsFamily, OpenOffice

Work experience

since Sept. 08 Software developer for the company gamper-media (Zufikon/Switzerland) as freelancer. Collaboration in further development of the CMS DynPG. An open source project based on PHP and MySQL.
since Oct. 00 Programming, design and conception of variouse internet projects as freelancer for companies, agencies, designers and others.
- dubinsky.com (programming/implementation: entire website, with DynPG)
- lkey-artworx.de (programming/implementation: entire website, with DynPG)
- allabout30.de (programming/implementation: E-Shop, Content, with DynPG)
- adifferenttouch.ch (concept/programming: entire website, with Xoops)
- jobrauer.com (programming/implementation: E-Shop, Content, with xtcModified)
- sbb-werbung.ch (concept/programming: onlinecalculator, offer- and postergenerators)
- ruedihaller.ch (programming/implementation: 2 Picturegalleries)
- ueligantner.ch (programming/implementation: Picturegallery)
- ccreport.ch (programming/implementation: Guidemodul, with DynPG)
- cdg-mark.ch (programming/implementation: Communitymodul, with DynPG)
- musiq.ch (programming/implementation: Podcast- + Communitymodul, with XOOPS)
- gastro-tipp.ch + gastrofacts.ch (concept/programming: entire website, with DynPG)
- dubinsky.com (programming/implementation: entire website, with DynPG)
- labtop.ch (concept/programming: E-Shop)
- ewkenergie.ch (concept/programming: 2 onlinecalculators)
- frego.ch (concept/programming: multipage offerform)
- appenzell-tailor-made.ch (programming/implementation: E-Shop/Calendar, Navigation, with DynPG)
- wigramediatools.ch (concept/programming: onlinecalculator, offer- and postergenerators)
- landolt-arbenz.ch (programming/implementation: E-Shop, Pay-/Shippingmodules, with xt-commerce)
- stuart-weitzman.ch (programming/implementation: E-Shop, Paymodules, with xt-commerce)
- huegue.ch (concept/programming: E-Shop, Paymodules)
- schoellkopf.ch (programming/implementation: E-Shop, with DynPG)
- myq.ch (programming/implementation: entire website, with XOOPS)
- chriswuersch.com (concept/programming: entire website)
- cheeseandchocolate.ch (programming: entire website)
- pstarch.ch (concept/programming: entire website, CMS)
- publisher.ch (concept/programming: Interface from the E-Shop DynPG to the system DMPro)
- publisher.ch (concept/programming: XML Importinterface into the DynPG backoffice)
- laibense.ch (concept/programming: CSV Importinterface into the DynPG E-ShopPro database)
- hamotoo.com (programming/implementation: entire website, multilanguage, with DynPG)
- pasteria-dilenardo.ch (concept/programming: entire website)
- alprausch.ch (programming: DB, AdministrationTool, dyn. Flash-Contents)
- alprausch-shop.com (implementation: E-Shop, Paymodules)
- finanz-lexikon.org (programming: DB, MemberArea)
... and a lot more.
Sept. 05 - Apr. 09 Software developer for the company viventura (Ltd) as freelancer. Collaboration in further development of the portal site viventura.de, on a OO-PHP5 MVC framework base. Programming, conception and project planning of variouse backoffice modules (CMS, Partner-/Flightreservationsystem, FPO). Enhancements and adaptations on the bookkeeping aplication in Access and VB.
Oct. 00 - Aug. 05 Owner of the company Overwood (Ltd), together with 2 business partners. Operative in the textiles sector in the production and distribution of the fashion label Overwood. My key fields of action were administration, marketing and distribution.
- Summercollection 2000
- Wintercollection 2000/2001
- Autumn-/Springcollection 2002/2003
- additional production 2004/2005
Jun. 04 - Jul. 05 Software developer at a-Commerce (PLC) in Zurich. Maintenance and further development of existing websites and internet applications (e.g. car and motorbike marketplaces, reminderservice, database import interfaces). Programming, conception and project planning of variouse backoffice modules (newsletter, sweepstakes, polls, news) as well as developing a customer relationship management (CRM) and content management system (CMS) based on ColdFusion/MySQL. Furthermore, IT-infrastructure support and maintenance (File-, Backup-, Mail-, Web, DNS-, Statisticserver, Firewall, Network and Clients).
Mar. 03 - Aug. 03 Software developer at Viventura (Ltd) in Arequipa (Peru). Further development of the site viventura.de (e.g. dyn. start pages, sweepstakes, chat, catalog order). Programming, conception and project planning of variouse backoffice modules (CMS, search engine optimization, hotel reservation, statistics). Furthermore, IT-infrastructure support and maintenance (File-, FTP-Server, Firewall, Network and Clients).
Oct. 00 - Feb. 03 IT responsible at Hirschmann Consulting (PLC) in Zurich. Developing an internet portal site and a wap application with Address/Calendar/Task /File/E-Mail and synchronisation functions. Furthermore, acquisition, installation and administration of the IT-infrastructure (Web-, Mail-, Fax-, FTP-Server, Databases, Firewall, Intranet, VPN, Clients) and conception of soft- and hardware projects.
Oct. 98 - Sept. 00 Software developer at Screenlight (PLC) in Zurich. Developing and concepting dynamic websites, web applications and the corresponding databases. Furthermore network and webserver support and maintenance as well as account management.
- Applications (Response-Server, Promotions, Greeting cards, Publishing center CMS)
- Knorr/Moodfood (dyn. website)
- CSAM-Anlageberater (dyn. website)
- Yourmilestone (dyn. website, sweepstake, chat)
- Webinsurance (on screen policy calculator, Javascript)
- Wincolink (PDF-Parser, JAVA)
- Legumetti (Web-Promotion, sweepstake, Javascript)
Sept. 97 - Sept. 98 Marketing-Assistent at Hirschmann Consulting (PLC) in Zurich. My key fields of action were internet and marketing. Website concepts and programming responsible, customer support for time management clients and supervision of terminated projects. Furthermore collaboration in public relations and presentations.
- Company website
- ProLitteris website
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